Alim Exam Routine 2022 – Madrasa Board HSC Routine PDF

Alim Routine 2022 pdf download

Madrasa Board HSC Alim Exam Routine and Schedule 2022 PDF. Alim Routine 2022 will be published on the website of the Bangladesh Madrasa Board at www.bmeb.gov.bd. Due to the Corona epidemic, the Alim exam 2022 will be taken in the light of a short syllabus like last year. All the information related to the Alim exam schedule and hygiene rules were discussed.

Madrasa Board Alim Routine 2022

Alim examination schedule and routine 2022 will be published in the form of notice on the website of the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board. According to the routine, the Alim examination of 2022 will start on the next date. The test will continue till * date. The test will start at 10 am every day and will continue till 12 noon. First, the multiple-choice and then the written part will be examined. There will be no break between the two-part tests.

At a glance
Name of the test: Alim test

Routine publication time:

Exam date:

Board of Education website: www.bmeb.gov.bd.

Alim exam routine 2022

There are a total of 11 education boards in Bangladesh, including 9 general education boards, madrasas, and crafts. HSC and equivalent examinations of all the boards are held at about the same time every year. Madrasa Board’s HSC is known as the “Alim” examination. The 2022 exam will start simultaneously with the HSC exam.

Exam Schedule 

Due to Corona, only three subjects were tested in 2021 except for the required subjects. But in the light of the short syllabus published in the Alim examination of 2022, all subjects will be accepted. According to the special instructions of the Alim examination schedule, the examination will be held in accordance with proper hygiene rules due to Covid-19 overdose. Candidates must take their seats 30 minutes before the start of the test.

Alim Routine 2022 PDF

Madrasa Board HSC or Alim routine is added in the form of the picture below. If you want to download the Alim Exam Schedule in PDF format then download it by clicking on the “Alim Routine PDF” button below.

Alim examination routine has not been published yet.

Alim Exam 2022 Form Filled

The Madrasa Board has also increased the time for filling up their forms, thinking of the students so that everyone can participate in the Alim Examination 2021. In the notice, the Bangladesh Madrasa Board of Education further informed that for the information of all concerned, the time for sending the SSS from the institution for filling up the form for the students of the 2022 Alim Examination has been extended from the date to the date of receipt of SMS.

In case of failure of the concerned madrasa students to fill up the form within the specified time, the responsibility should be borne by the head of the madrasa. Click on the button below to download the PDF file extending the date of filling the form for Alim Exam 2022.

Rules of Alim Examination 2022

Equivalent Examination of Alim Examination – 11 instructions have been given for the candidates in the schedule of the HSC examination, all these instructions will be issued in case of Alim examination or Alim examination will be held by the government in accordance with the latest rules. Some important parts of the instruction are revealed-

1. Candidates must take their seats in the examination room 30 (thirty) minutes before the start of the examination.

2. The test should be taken according to the time mentioned in the question paper. Exam time for all subjects will be 02 (two) hours. In the case of the creative subject, 20 minutes will be allotted for MCQ and 1 hour 40 minutes for CQ.

3. The first multiple-choice and then the creative/compositional (theoretical) test will be held and there will be no break between the two tests.

4. Candidates should collect their admission form from the head of their respective institution at least three days before the commencement of the examination.

5. Physical Education, Health Sciences and Sports (142) and Career Education (145) subjects will be provided to the concerned centers by the educational institutions for the marks obtained through continuous assessment as per the guidelines of NCTB. The concerned center will post the number obtained in the continuous assessment along with the practical test number online on Baird’s website.

. Examiners will fill in the circle by typing in the OMR form of their respective answer sheets with the correct number, registration number, subject code, etc. Under no circumstances can the answer sheet be folded.

. Candidates have to pass separately in creative/compositional (theoretical), multiple-choice and practical sections. . Each candidate can participate in the examination only in the subjects/subjects mentioned in the registration card. Under no circumstances will you be able to participate in the test on a different subject.

9. Candidates will be able to use the “Non-Programmable” Scientific Calculator for the test.

10. No one other than the Central Secretary can bring and use the mobile phone in the test center. Central Secretary will be able to use ordinary (non-Android) mobile phones for the sake of communication.

11. The same signature should be used for the presence of candidates in creative/compositional (theoretical), multiple-choice and practical examinations.

12. Practical tests will be held at self-contained centers. However, if there is no science department in the central madrasa, the practical examination will be held in the madrasa which has a science department.

13. Applications for re-examination can be applied online via SMS within 07 (seven) days of publication of test results.

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