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dhaka university admission circular 2021-2022

DU B Unit Admission Circular: Dhaka University B Unit University Admission Circular 2022. Everyone has started preparing. But in the case of university admission preparation, it is important to know the correct information about the admission preparation of different universities. Because if you don’t know about different units well, you can’t prepare well. So today we will discuss in detail about Dhaka University B Unit Admission Circular 2021-2022.

Dhaka University B Unit admission will be held on 4th July 2022.

Dhaka University B Unit Admission Circular 2021-2022

DU B Unit consists of three faculties and a total of 34 departments. Students from the humanities department will be able to take the admission test in this unit. Out of those who have passed the admission test, 2373 will get the opportunity to be admitted to different departments.

Important information
Date of admission test: 04 July 2022

Admission test time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Applicable category: Humanities department

Total faculty: 10

Total categories: 44

Number of seats: 2363

Application Fee: 

Application link:

Original Circular

Eligibility for application

  • Candidates must pass the secondary or equivalent examination from 2018 to 2019 and the higher secondary or equivalent examination in 2021 from the humanities branch.
  • Candidates should have a total GPA of 7.50 in secondary and higher secondary/equivalent examinations (including 4th subject). However, both the exams must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 separately.

Distribution of admission test

2021-2022 – Dhaka University B unit admission test for the academic year will be held in a total of 100 numbers. There will be 60 marks in the MCQ examination and 40 marks in the written examination. There will be 45 minutes for MCQ and written tests separately.

Standard distribution of multiple  choice ( MCQ) exams

Bengali / Elective English *1515
General English1515
Common sense3030
Mate number = 60Matte question = 60

Distribution of written test values

There will be 40 marks in the written part of the admission test.

Bengali / Elective English *20
General English20
Total number40
  • Questions on the MCQ part of the admission test and the written part in Bangla and English will be framed in the light of the syllabus prescribed by the National Textbook Baird. Writing the essence of a text in the Bangla part of the written test, quoting the poem, explaining the quoted dialogue (prose, novel, and drama-based), author/poet introduction, matching (prose, poetry, and grammar-based), writing a summary/spelling, spelling correction, and standardization, Writing short paragraphs, grammar-related topics (definitions and illustrations) and translation will be more important. On the other hand, the written test will have more importance in General English, Comprehension, Short paragraph, Explanation (Explain with the reference to the Context), Rearranging, Translation, Punctuation, Gap filling with & without clues, Sentence making, Changing and Transformation of sentences.
  • Questions related to general knowledge of MCQ part will be related to Bangladesh and international affairs and politics / good governance, sociology, economics, history, logic, geography, information, and communication technology, etc. studied at secondary/equivalent and higher-secondary / equivalent level.

Pass number of DU B unit admission test

Pass number 40 out of 100 marks on the admission test. Candidates will be disqualified if they do not get 40 marks. At the same time, in the MCQ part of the admission test, the candidate will be considered as having passed with a minimum of 05 marks in Bengali, a minimum of 05 marks in English, minimum of 10 marks in general knowledge, and at least 24 marks in total.

In the case of A-Level concerned, as an alternative to Bangla subject, one has to get minimum of 05 marks in Elective English (if applicable).

Candidates have to get a minimum of 11 marks on the written test. Of these, a minimum of 05 must be found in Bengali and a minimum 05 in General English. The conditions mentioned above will be equally applicable in the case of the ‘A’ level.

Note: Candidates should keep in mind that one correct answer number can be deducted for every four incorrect answers. That means 0.25 numbers can be deducted for each wrong answer.

Method of making merit score

  • The merit list of the candidates will be prepared on the basis of Mate 120 marks.
  • The GPA of the students obtained in the secondary examination will be multiplied by 2 and the GPA obtained in the higher secondary examination will be multiplied by 2.

DU B Unit Admission Circular 


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