Gold Price in Bangladesh Today – 18K, 21K, 22K, 24K Gold Price List

1 vori gold price in bangladesh - Price of Gold

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today: GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! Do you want to make Gold jewellery? And for that, you are searching on google for Gold rate in Bangladesh today. Also, Gold price in Bangladesh always goes Up and Down. So, How can you know the exact price of gold today May 31, 2022? Don’t panic, we are here for you. Today in this article we are going to discuss the Gold price in Bangladesh. Also, there are different types of gold in Bangladesh, for example, 24 Carat gold, 22 Carat gold, 21 Carat gold, and 18 Carat Gold. And for that reason, we are also going to discuss 18K, 21K, 22K, and 24K Gold Price in today’s (May 31, 2022) market. You will also get to know 18K, 21K, 24K, and 22K Gold Price in BD by Vori, Ana, and Gram. 

Types of Gold in Bangladesh- Gold’s Purity

We all are well aware that Gold’s weight or purity is measured in terms of Carat. Carat is the unit to measure the purity of gold. The higher the  Carat in gold signifies the high purity of gold. The different purity of gold is used to make various gold-based items such as coins, bars, jewellery, etc. 

Gold is available in a variety of different Carats. Such as 24 Carat gold, 22 Carate gold, 21 Carat gold, 18 Carat gold, 14 Carat gold, 12 Carat gold, 10 Carate gold, etc. These Carats are usually Called K, like 24K, 22K, 21K, 18K, 14K, 12K, 10K, etc. These different Carat gold are used for different purposes.

Gold Purity Chart

No.CaratsParts of GoldPurity in %
124K24/2499.9% Pure Gold
222K22/2491.7% gold
318K18/2475% gold
414K14/2458.3% gold
512K12/2450% gold
610K10/2441.7% gold

Difference between 24K, 22K and 18K gold

Here’s a detailed guide that will help you understand the difference between 24K, 22K, and 18K gold

What is 24K gold?

The 24 Carat gold is 100 percent pure gold and it does not have any other metal mixed in it. In the local market, it is also known as 99.9 percent pure and has a distinct bright yellow color. 24 Carat gold is more expensive than other golds such as  22 or 18 Carat Gold. It is soft and pliable and that’s why it can’t be used to make regular forms of jewellery. 

The 24K gold is used to make coins, and bars. It is also used in electronics and medical devices. 

What is 22K gold? 

In 22 Carat gold, 22 parts of the metal are gold and the rest two comprise metals like silver, zinc, nickel, and other alloys. 22 Carat gold is also known as 91.67 percent pure gold. Mixing alloys makes the texture of 22K gold harder and hence jewellery becomes durable. The 22 Carat gold is mostly used to make jewellery.

What is 18K gold?

The 18 Carat gold comprises 75% gold and 25% other metals mixed such as copper, silver, and other alloys. 18 Carat gold is used for making stone studded jewellery and other diamond jewellery. 18K gold is also less expensive compared to 24K and 22K gold. 

All the gold coins, bars, or jewellery have their purity marked on them. You should always buy jewellery that has purity and Hall Mark inscribed on it. 

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

In Bangladesh, Gold is usually measured as Vori and people asked Gold sellers what is the 1 Vori gold price in Bangladesh? Bangladesh doesn’t have any Gold. So Bangladesh has to import Gold from abroad. Gold price always goes UP and Down in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Jewellery Samity (BAJUS) controls the gold price in Bangladesh. There are many gold shops in Bangladesh under BAJUS. BAJUS controls all the Jewellery shops under the same rules.

So, Before purchasing any jewellery Kindly read the BAJUS gold policy from here or download them from the below table:

1প্রণোদনা/ঋণ সংক্রান্ত তথ্যাদিDownload
3Gold Policy 2018Download

Now We will discuss the Gold Price in Bangladesh and the Silver Price in Bangladesh. This price list is about 18 Carat, 21 Carat & 22 Carat Gold and Silver. And all the prices are also provided as per gram.
So, BAJUS Gold and Silver prices in Bangladesh for May 31, 2022, today are given below:

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Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

Gold and Silver Price In Bangladesh Today, May 31, 2022

Here is the list of Today’s May 31, 2022, Gold Price in Bangladesh and Silver Price in Bangladesh according to BAJUS.

122 Carat GOLDPer Gram6820 BDT
221 Carat GOLDPer Gram6510 BDT
318 Carat GOLDPer Gram5580 BDT
4GOLD (Sanatan)Per Gram4650 BDT
522 Carat SILVERPer Gram130 BDT
621 Carat SILVERPer Gram123 BDT
718 Carat SILVERPer Gram105 BDT
8SILVER (Sanatan)Per Gram80 BDT

Which type of gold is ideal for daily use? 

So, which type of gold is best for jewellery? Daily usage requires you to wear jewellery that is sturdy and durable in nature. And for that 22 Carat gold is ideal because of the mixed alloys like copper, zinc, and silver in it. 22 Carat gold is 91.6% gold and the rest metal alloys are mixed in it to ensure its hardness.

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